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Address Book Software StatTrak Address Manager 5.1

Address Book Software

Easy to use, straight forward program to print address labels, envelopes, and more. Prints address books in 3 sizes.

for Windows 11 / 10 / 8

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"It has been less than one hour since your Address Manager CD arrived. I'm up and running, and loaded 10 labels. Great, intuitive product. I'm a clutz. I'm now de-clutzed. I had such problems with doing labels from the "big guy." One of the best purchases I have made for a computer."

B. Mitchell, WA

"I purchased your Address Manager software about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I was looking at some suggestions for getting better organized and the checklist had a question asking what one thing would you most want to buy to help organize your office, and then it advised - go buy it! For me the answer was address software. I now have a print-out telephone directory with categories that fit how I categorize things -- business, friends, family, Christmas list etc. etc. There are 491 entries. I have been able to toss out old address books, several rolodexes etc. I also like the label features. Thank you, your software is well designed, and easy to use."

L. Saddick, CA

"Just wanted to let you know how impressively easy StatTrak Address Manager software is to load and administer. After working with a different address label software program, this was heaven sent. I was able to load all my addresses in with no trouble. I didn't have to build the template, and then, re-measure time after time to get it right. I just loaded your address software, added addresses, and printed out to the appropriate label. How easy could that be???!!! Thanks again for the superb address software!"

B. Drummond, CO

"I recently purchased the Address Manager software. It is the best I have ever seen. You have great programs, and they are user friendly. Thank you for a very nice software program."

G. Hose, FL

"Thank you for this great little program - it is a dream. I was so worried that it would be too complex and gimmicky for me to use. However, it is simple and absolutely perfect for organizing my names and addresses. The program does what I need, it gets right at it, without complex vague instruction."

S. Freeburg, MN

"I love this new program. It is wonderful and so easy to use. I needed an easy way to keep track of and update my address information and to be able to print labels for big events like Christmas. This is exactly what I was looking for, a simple program that was not cluttered full of options I know I would never use."

J. Remling, WI

"I ordered the software, which I have received and also took advantage of the download so I could get started immediately. Your program is so great I can't begin to tell you! The ability to do one or a few labels in the spaces left when there isn't a full page is awesome!"

J. Mueller, WI

"I love the program - it's a wonderful organizational tool!"

D. Fleniken, GA

"I just love Address Manager already. It is so simple and does all the hard work for me. It makes me feel like an expert but all I have to do is enter my information. Address Manager does all the hard stuff automatically. Thanks for an awesome program!"

T. Stevenson, KS

"I love this software! So easy and so thorough...the best purchase I've made in awhile!"

S. Taylor, CA

"I would just like to thank you for a terrific product......your program is one of the best, as far as ease of use, that I have ever used. Thanks a bunch."

B. Mengel, TX

"I just wanted to thank you for your great service and for providing software that is so easy to use. It is a snap for me to input my clients and print labels and lists from your program."

B. Boggs, CA

"I love this software, been looking forever. Glad I found it."

J. Aldrigde, GA

"Just purchased and downloaded StatTrack Address Manager and had to tell you what a wonderful, easy to use, program. I can't believe how quickly I entered all my christmas card list. And, I love the ability to enter additional information - and the address types. Bravo!"

M. Affa, NY

"Finally a mailing address database that works and is easy to use! I am thankful that I found your company. I have just ordered the CD."

R. Ward, GA

"Well, I am up and running with the shipping labels! Thank's to you I have my new catalog's addressed and ready to go into the mail today. And the labels worked great."

E. Myhro, CA

"I just downloaded your Address product & made some entries.... Conclusion?? I LOVE IT!"

C. Todd, MA

"I just wanted to say how easy it is to use your Address Book Software. I purchased a competing product yesterday, and after four hours of work I still could not get it to print my address labels Ė and Iíve been in software development for 30 years! I found your product on the internet, downloaded it, and in fifteen minutes had my Christmas labels printed. Thanks for an excellent, easy to use product."

G. Hartman, CO

"I didn't think a $30.00 investment could make me so happy! I downloaded contacts from Outlook, made a few modifications and put my first batch of labels together in less time than it would have taken me to handwrite the addresses. Thanks for creating this simple, easy-to-use program that fits my needs!"

S. Nova, CO

"I downloaded your trial version of your Address Book Software, and I like it, I have downloaded various other products and, as far as I am concerned, yours outperformed, easiest to use, and most flexible of all the ones that I have tried. I am going to buy the full version now."

M. Berglund, AZ

"I found the software exceeded my expectations but I am most grateful for the prompt and comprehensive technical support."

B. Howe, BC Canada

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your address / telephone software. It is the best one that I have ever had. Thanks so much."

J. Beard, AR

"Just received the hard copy in the mail ...having downloaded the online version last week. I already have 120 names and addresses entered and find the program amazing. I have looked on and off for months for a low cost program and was user friendly to use for my local City Committee group ...and yours meets all my needs. Thank you very much!"

S. Blais, MA

"I want to thank you for StatTrak Address Manager. It has been a lifesaver for me. My DOS software program allowed me to convert my data into a comma delimited file. In less than 3 minutes I was able to import my entire address book of 798 entries into the StatTrak Address Manager. In another 5 minutes I was able to print out my Christmas card mailing labels. That's what I call user friendly."

B. Frazee, MN

"Dear All Pro Software: I love this program! After spending hours trying to get mailing labels made using Word, without success and with much misery - I decided to take the plunge and actually purchase some software. I hit the jackpot with yours. Its so easy, I started using it immediately. I have printed my first envelope. Perfect!"

K. Williams, KY

"This is the first time Iíve used your software, and I am loving it!! Great job in developing something so user friendly that actually delivers what it promises!"

K. Alblinger, CA

"I love this program and would highly recommend it to others, and I can also say that your customer service is one that can not be beat."

J. Ruse, FL

"Just wanted to let you know that your program is great. I downloaded it yesterday and ease of use is unbelievable! I will highly recommend!"

D. Fallon, NY

"WOW! What a great program! I printed out 700+ labels for a mass mailing within 15 minutes. Your program is so easy to use!! I will recommend your program to all of my contacts."

G. Thompson, OR

"Received the CD this morning. Just have to tell you this is one awesome program and worth every penny. You guys and gals ROCK"

C. Poulin, RI

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