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Baseball Software StatTrak for Baseball & Softball 11.0

Baseball Software

Easy to use program for tracking and calculating stats for batting, pitching, and fielding.

Windows 10 / 8

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"Once again, StatTrak was a key to success at the Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp! The customized input screens made for fast entry, and the customized report writer made daily publishing easy. Thanks for doing the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting!"

D. Linden, on behalf of the Cleveland Indians

"Thanks for a job well done!! You have the most user friendly stat and scheduling software on the market, bar none! I use them both extensively as I coach high school softball, and also run a sports complex where I am in charge of scheduling over 200 teams in the summer and the fall. Feel free to use my team site as testimony to your great products."

J. Loeffelholz, IA

"I would like to share with you all of the compliments I have gotten from my summer travel team. They can't believe all of the stats and info I have kept on our girls and other teams. I have had other coaches from other teams wanting to look at the stats of teams that they would play the next day. They wanted to see the spray charts etc. My team has been in awe of the program. It's easy to use and fantastic to refer to."

J. Nolan, IL

"I love it.  I was going to setup an access db to keep stats, until I did a quick search on the web and found your eval copy.  With very little setup, I loaded the stats for the 1st 3 games of my son's first little league season.  I am especially impressed by the ease with which I could publish the information to a site that you host! Although I work for a software company, I have never developed a website.  With StatTrack, I don't need to know Jack about web publishing - just push a few buttons.  At practice this week, several kids came up to me and thought I was an Alchemist - turning their on-field performance into internet gold!!  I gave your product it's due :) Great work."

T. Eliasen, WI

"I just got StatTrak for Baseball. Best decision I've made in along time. Your software is the best damn software and easiest to use on the market bar none. I downloaded at least 5 different free software programs off the Internet and they all suck compared to yours. All were too complicated to use and not worth the time to learn how to use. Your guarantee that it would be easier to use turned out to be an understatement. In less than thirty minutes, I had my team roster in and four games entered with statistical results just a click away. I am telling all my friends and fellow managers to buy your program. Thanks again!"

J. Park, Saddleback Valley Pony Baseball, CA

"Just a short note of thanks to you and your staff for helping me with the upgrade I purchased from you this last week. Normally, I have used this strictly for our youth league teams. This year, the coach at our son's high school asked me to keep the stats for the team. I said sure. So we played our first game and I got them all down and was able to load them up to your web site which you made available and it is a super tool. "

D. Cooper, TX

"I can't believe I have been scorekeeping without your program for so long. Guess it just takes some longer than others to see the light."

B. Mayer, CO

"I bought the above for our 15-18 year old team and have been using it for our two weeks and I love it! It's great being able to email the head coach via excel all the stats too after I'm done! Great product!

Mike B, OH

"Dear All-Pro: About two weeks ago I called late one night. You were still in the office due to bad weather, I think. Due to a hard drive crash I was trying to reload StatTrak for baseball( a program I have been using for about three years). You spent a long time with me ( I am a complete novice with the computer) and were more patient then most people would be. Thank you for upgrading me to the next version. It is working perfectly. That was above and beyond the call of duty. I have been a little league coach for over ten years and believe me, I will inform all the baseball coaches that I know of the quality of the StatTrak for baseball."

S. McCollom, OK

"I am a stickler for any and every possible stat you could want to keep and think that this program is A+. We are hoping that thorough stats will help get our son a scholarship, thanks for the great program."

J. Cumston, FL

"Now that I have your product and have used it, I can't imagine that any of the other software products could be any better."

B. Smith, MD

"You have an elegant piece of software that does what its supposed to without making it an event".

N. Fay, MD

"Just a note to let you know how great your software has worked for me. It takes a complicated task and makes it relatively easy. The reporting ability is outstanding as well as the ability to export to excel."

R. Walters, IL

"I enjoy working with StatTrak for Baseball! I've used it to officially record the stats for the Swiss National Baseball League for the last 2 years, and it has proved so easy to use. Congratulations on a great product!".

C. Vail, Switzerland

"Hi it's Tony from Australia, still using the StatTrak for Baseball exclusively ..........it's great Mate !!!"

A. Mickelson, Australia

"I have purchased StatTrak for Baseball and the All-Pro League Scheduler. They are everything one could possibly want in a stat program and scheduler. No more 1 vs 4, 3 vs 7 doing schedules. It is a wonderful program. I am pleased to no end. The stat program will go into full operation this spring with the start of the season. I have used it thus far to transcribe some of last years stats. I can hardly wait for the beginning of this season."

D. Toth, PA

"I just want to say that you are doing a great job. I got your update and it is marvelous! Being a commissioner of a local softball league, I need to have something that let's me do the stats fast and easy for the whole league. Thank goodness I found your Program!! This is hands down the easiest and most efficient program I have used".

P.J. Harmer, NY

"I downloaded your demo and have been using it to keep stats for a high school league team. Both the coaches and the players are very pleased with the results. I found your program to be far superior to any of the other demos that I tried, and we will definitely recommend it to other teams that we face."

Karen from Jacksonville, FL

" I want to commend you on what I think is the easiest to use and most versatile baseball tracking program I have found. I have experimented with many programs and been dissatisfied with them. In fact, I recently got the demo disk of the highly regarded bleep beep bleep and found it to be limited and slow. Your version avoids all those problems."

R. Jarashow, MD

"The Kamloops and District Senior Ladies Softball Association have been using your StatTrak for Baseball for several years, as well as your ALL-PRO League Scheduler. They have been a great addition to keeping stats as well as scheduling league play and tournament play. Keep up the good work."

R. Chan, B.C. Canada

"I have managed to obtain a version of StatTrak for Baseball. We have found this program to be the best we have seen. It in fact is excellent for our club and association statistics, as I am the statistician for our entire baseball area and it makes my job so much easier. Thank you."

T. Mickelson, Australia

"I know now it has been a good decision to switch from bleep bleep!"

F. Peter, TX

"Thank you for your help, the new version works great. It's nice to find a company that stands behind their product. Keep up the good work!"

C. Craven, OH

"We just completed our regular season yesterday and I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your software. It isn't easy to have so much fun for only $69.95!! ... Thanks for making my second year as a coach a good one. We finished 7-4 (3rd place). I'll let you know how we do in the playoffs."

G. Frisch, GA

"Love All Pro for baseball and use it to keep stats for a table top baseball league. Thanks for a great product, it sure takes the work out of keeping all these stats for our 8 team league."

J. Keenan, IL

"Thanks for all of your help. You guys have a great product and great customer support."

M. Coleman, AR

".....I have learned the programs very well, and it is very smooth sailing now. Everyone I show the program and/or the web site to is very impressed, especially considering how easily it is done. I am very happy!"

R. Privett, SC

".....I once again think that your attention to the sports, software, and customer is second to none."

E. Miller, IN

"I bought the baseball/softball program last weekend and I love it already. I just enter the numbers and read about it instantly. Sorry that I didn't buy it 7 years ago when I started coaching travel softball."

J. Nolan, IL

"The kids love the web site and being able to check out their stats. It's a really nice feature."

S. Koenig, PA

"I again want to thank you for your excellent software. I especially enjoy the ability to create career stats for our players. You make it so easy for those of us who do not have mathematical brains. You really have a great product."

P. McLean, OH

"I just wanted to reply and say thank you for your prompt attention and flawless service. I enjoy using your software and having used your support in the past, I can honestly say that your customer service is second to none. I will continue to recommend your software to my friends and acquaintances."

J. Corbley, NJ

"Thank you VERY much for your assistance. A+ A+ support. And you can quote me on that one."

G. Baker, CA

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