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Address Book Software StatTrak Address Manager Business Edition 5.2

Easy to use, straight forward program to print address labels, envelopes, and more. Prints address books in 3 sizes.

for Windows 11 / 10 / 8

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More Features in StatTrak Address Manager
  • Multiple Address Types
    Assign multiple address types to one entry. For example, assign John Smith to your Family list and also your Holiday Card list. And remember you can add your own custom Address Types.

  • Custom Fields
    If you need to enter information and you don't see a spot for it, you can customize up to 10 fields with your own unique field headings. Optionally print custom fields on labels, envelopes or reports.

  • Label Sheets
    Options to print address labels for just 1 address, specific Address Types, or your whole list. You can also choose to have your addresses start down further on the sheet so you can re-use a label sheet.

  • Networked Computers
    Easily access the same addresses on any of your networked computers. Multi-license discount applied as you increase the quantity in your shopping cart.

  • Print Clip Art & Logos
    Choose from the clip art included or add your own custom image or logo to print on your address labels or envelopes.

  • Print Reports for your Daily Planner
    Reports available in 3 sizes, Standard (8.5 x 11), Planner (5.5 x 8.5) and Portable (3.75 x 6.75).

  • Page Break by Letter
    Optionally print reports with a page break on each letter to separate the A's, B's, C's, for your address book.

  • Backup Data
    You can backup to your hard drive, CD, or USB drive (recommended). Then if you need to recover your data you can restore it from your backup (instead of re-typing!). You can also use the backup and restore function to transfer your data to your laptop.

  • Sorting
    You have the option to sort your addresses by zip code, street address, city, state, country, or job title before you print labels or envelopes.

  • Addresses for Birthday Cards
    When viewing the birthday report, you can choose to print labels or envelopes for everyone with a birthday that month.

  • Import Addresses
    Stop re-typing! Import addresses from Outlook, and other software programs using a comma delimited file.

  • Reports
    Create reports of any info you've entered. Great for printing your own Address Book or Phone Book for a handy reference next to your phone or for your day planner.

  • Birthdays
    Never miss another birthday! View the Birthday Report to see upcoming birthdays and how old someone will be. Option to turn-on reminders to alert you of upcoming birthdays.

  • Notes
    There's plenty of room to enter notes for each entry.

  • Return Address
    Save a step and have your return address automatically printed on envelopes and postcards.

  • Change Address Placement
    This is a nice option if you have custom address labels with a logo or picture. You can re-position where the address prints to accommodate your custom label.

  • Choose Fields for Labels
    If you need to print something other than name and address - no problem.
    Any information entered can be selected to print on a label. For example, select name, address, email, and phone to print your rotary cards.

  • Choose Fields for Reports
    Likewise, any information entered can be selected to print on a report including email, cell phone and notes. This flexibility is nice for creating your address book or a church directory, employee directory or membership list.

  • International
    Accepts international post codes, countries and provinces.

  • Search
    Search function will search your address entries and display a list of any entries found that contain your search criteria.

  • Thousands of Addresses
    You can add over 25,000 addresses in our address book software.

  • Quick Recall
    Save time during data entry as previously entered information is automatically recalled based on the characters you've typed in.

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