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Tournament Brackets Tournament Scheduler Pro 6.1

Tournament Software

Create single & double elimination tournaments for up to 128 players or teams. Works for any sport!

Windows 10 / 8

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New! Lite Edition

Our tournament software is an easy to use program that allows you to print tournament charts, schedule game times, and publish results online. This software tool is ideal for leagues and organizations running tournaments.

Create tournament charts and schedules for single elimination, double elimination, Pool Play, Round-Robin, and Consolation. Add teams or players, available locations, and seed your tournament. You can quickly view, edit and print your tournament brackets.

Multiple Events
Each tournament can have multiple events allowing you to organize your tournament by age division or ability.

Accurate Charts
Print accurate tournament charts every time with even or odd number of teams. Each bracket can have up to 128 teams or individual players.

Tournament Scheduler automatically generates game times - with no conflicts. If you've ever tried to schedule a tournament by hand, you'll appreciate how much time this saves you. Just add dates and location availability and Tournament Scheduler takes care of the rest, assigning a game time to each game across all events. You can even share locations (fields, courts) across events.

Free Website
Publish your tournament brackets and game schedule to your own free website included with your purchase of Tournament Scheduler. Very easy to use publishing function built right into the program. Have participants check the website for their game times instead of calling you! Website includes picture gallery and latest news.

"Just thought Iíd let you know that I really like the web publish feature in your new version of All-Pro Tournament Scheduler. Thanks very much!!.......the software made my life SO much easier." - S. Andrew, OK Read more testimonials

Pool Play & Round-Robin

Assign multiple rounds on your pool play and round robin events. Or enter a specific number of games to be played by each team or player.

5 Reasons to Buy Now
It's easy to use & works for any sport
Download immediately after you checkout
Receive the CD-ROM too
Free technical support
Money back guarantee

Add Tournament Scheduler to your shopping cart now or download our free trial software and see for yourself just how easy creating tournament brackets can be. Our tournament software is easy to use. Plus, you can always receive free technical support. Our tournament software runs on Windows 10/8.
Still have questions?
You may find your answer in our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also email your questions to sales@allprosoftware.com

Watch 3 minute video demonstration

More Features in Tournament Scheduler
  • Automated Seeding
    Optionally enter seed numbers for teams or players and automatically seed brackets using Advantage, Balanced, or Random seeding methods. You can also manually seed teams.

  • Winners Automatically Advance
    Enter tournament game scores and winners automatically advance to the next tournament bracket.

  • Reschedule Games
    Tournament Scheduler handles rain dates and other delays. You can easily reschedule games even after the tournament has started.

  • Pool Play & Round-Robin Tournaments
    Control the number of games played in the tournament by optionally entering the number of games each team or player plays. Or you can enter the number of rounds each team or player plays.

  • Tournament Schedule Reports
    Easily keep track of location usage with the Master Schedule Report which displays location, event, game date/time and game number across all events of your tournament. Additional reports list schedules by team or player to help teams/players know when their first game is.

  • Import Team & Player Names
    Save yourself some data entry time and import tournament team names, player names, and locations from:

    • Previous versions of our Tournament Scheduler software
    • All-Pro League Scheduler software
    • All-Pro StatTrak software
    • Comma delimited file from any other software

  • Quick Bracket Chart
    Use the Quick Chart feature to print blank tournament brackets. Just enter the number of teams and print. That's it!

  • Teams and Individuals
    Our tournament software works for team tournaments as well as individual player tournaments - great for any sport including baseball, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, tennis, soccer, hockey, football, kickball, paintball and more.

  • Import Pictures
    Import and print your school logo or other picture right on your tournament chart and have it displayed on your free tournament website too.

Lite Edition
tournament software
League Scheduler

  • WallBoard Size Tournament Brackets
    Print your tournament bracket chart on any size paper. Tournament Scheduler is compatible with standard and large format printers including 11 x 17 and larger. Print small tournament brackets on just 1 page of standard paper too.

  • Conflict Checking
    Warns you about any over-lapping game times within the tournament.

  • Advance Players to Championship Event
    View event results from one event and select players to advance on to a play-off or championship event based on their win/loss record.

  • Full Screen
    Optionally display Tournament Scheduler in full screen mode without the tool bar which is handy if you are using a projector with your monitor.

  • Zoom
    Zoom in and out to preview your tournament bracket chart layout.

  • Help
    Convenient help screens in our tournament software are available to assist you through every step of your tournament.

Want more details? Click here to view screen images of Tournament Scheduler. Our tournament software makes creating tournament brackets easy.

"Since I bought the Tournament Scheduler software, you automatically became my best friend for the rest of my life!" - E. Aumond, Quebec

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Price $149.95

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