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Order Processing Software EZ Small Business Software 7.1

Order Tracking Software

Easily enter orders, print invoices and track sales history

Windows 10 / 8

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EZ Small Business Software Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

It's a good idea to read through the online help in EZ. This will speed up your understanding of how EZ Small Business works. The following topics are listed under the Help Menu:

  • Getting Started
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Lines, Styles, and Items

Set Up

  1. Select Company Information from the Update Menu to enter information about your company.
  2. Select Products and Services from the Update Menu to add your Lines, Styles and Items. Lines, Styles and Items are used to define your products and services. You need to add one or more Lines to the database. Each Line can have any number of Styles and each Style can have any number of Items.
  3. Select Inventory from the Update Menu to turn on inventory tracking for an item and to add inventory on hand.
  4. Select Source of Sales from the Update Menu to enter the sources you want to track. Sources are how the customer heard about your product (i.e. Internet, Friend, Magazine Ad, etc.).
  5. Select Order Methods from the Update Menu and decide if you need to enter any additional order methods besides the defaults (Phone, Mail, Internet, Fax). An order method is how the customer ordered.
  6. Select Countries from the Update Menu if you need to add any countries besides the US and Canada you might sell to.
  7. Select Options from the Tools Menu and set up your Order Entry Defaults, Quick Item Buttons and other options.

First Order

  1. Select Order Entry from the Update Menu to add your customers and orders.
  2. Click Add under the customer list to add a new customer. Enter customer information and click OK.
  3. Click Add under the order list to add an order. Default values for payment method, source, and order method are filled in. Change these if needed. To change default vales, select Options from the Tools Menu.
  4. Click Add to add an order line to the order. Select the item and click OK. Click Add to add additional items. Click Close when done.
  5. Click Receipt to view and print a receipt (or invoice) for the order. To customize the information shown on the receipt, select Options from the Tools Menu.
  6. Select Labels from the Tools menu to print a shipping label or envelope. Click Select and then click Print Preview (lower right).
  7. Click Piece (lower right) to select label or envelope size. Select Print from the File Menu to print the address.
  8. Now that you have added at least one order, click on the Reports menu for a list of available reports on sales and inventory.

Technical Support

  1. Press F1 on any screen to view detailed help or select Help from the menu.
  2. Go to our Technical Support area to find answers or open a problem using our online Help Desk.

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